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Red Carpet Ready

Preparing clients for their big debuts is a lot like Hollywood stars getting ready for their big red carpet events. There's so much to do before the big day and a good stylist knows how to make their client look their absolute best. We make sure you're picture perfect for your red carpet event too - web launches, ad campaigns, you'll be ready for your close up with your target audience.

Brand Development

Everything a company does reflects their brand. From how you answer the phone to your interaction with vendors. At PrettyWork Creative we work with clients in defining their brand and then making sure that definition is reflected throughout the company and its culture. From your company logo, to marketing communication materials to face-to-face events, we help clients make sure their brand is always at the forefront.

Advertising / Design

We understand that work has to be more than pretty. It has to be effective and reach your target audience. That's why the advertising campaigns and designs we create for our clients are based on marketing data about the target audience. We use current data to merge just the right graphics and relevant copy that connects with your target audience.

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