Who we are.
PrettyWork Creative LLC, is a Houston-based agency specializing in video production, brand development, and design creative services. We believe every business deserves not only pretty work but branded work that tells each company’s story across multiple channels.

Our chief pretty work creator and resident marketing stylist got the company’s name from her days as an art director at a Houston nonprofit. Coworkers would drop work off on her desk and ask her to “make it pretty” and she did! As an independent consultant, her clients would say when they want “pretty work” they hire Lisa and that’s how we got our name.

PrettyWork Creative is home to some of the finest creative talent to ever power on a Mac or stand behind a camera. These professionals have a passion for what they do and bring such incredible excellence to the PrettyWork family.

PrettyWork Creative is Certified HUB in the State of Texas.

2021 Grant Recipient