[two_third] Hey! Thanks for dropping by the page! As promised, here’s a list of small business competitions that we wanted to share with our fellow FedEx Small Business Big Grant contestants. We’ll start with the most obvious.

  • FedEx Small Business Big GrantIt looks like this is the second year for this competition. There’s a $25,000 grand prize winner and several $5,000 winners. Competition opens in February.
  • Small Business Big Game – This is one of my favorites. The winner gets a 30 second commercial spot for their business during the Super Bowl. Huge fan of last year’s winner. Competition opens in August.
  • Mission Main Streetâ„¢ Grants – This competition is a big one! Grand prize winners are awarded $250,000. Competition opens in October.
  • Amber Grant for Women – This organization gives away $500 every month to a woman-owned small business. Deadline for entry is last day of every month.
  • Arch Grants Global Startup Competition – If you’re in the St. Louis area or are willing to relocate to the area, this competition awards 20 companies $50,000! Accepts entries beginning in February.
  • Huggies Mominspired – So if you have an invention on how to make a mom’s life easier, this competition could earn you $15,000. Accepts entries in mid-October.
  • Growth Grants from the National Association of the Self-Employed – It looks like entries are received year round and awards $5,000 to small businesses.
  • 43 North – If you’re in Buffalo, NY or willing to relocate to the area for one year they’re giving away a top award of $1 million, six $500,000 awards and four $250,000 awards. Entries accepted in February. Contest currently underway.

We also discovered that many grants are given away locally or regionally. So search for competitions in your area. We saw grants for businesses in Iowa, Detroit, and St. Louis so take a look and see what’s out there.

Good luck in all your efforts and keep trying till you find that open door.

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