One Piece of Content, Three Different Ways to Repurpose It

Elgin and I were meeting with a client at A 2nd Cup—a socially conscious coffee shop here in the Houston area. Their reason for existing is to not only brew you a cup of coffee but to help put an end to sex-trafficking.

As we were wrapping up our meeting, Elgin and I hear live music in the background and not just any live music, but violins and a stand-up bass.

Elgin, being the musician he is, went back to investigate.

He comes back and says that there is a pop-up shop and a free concert in the back and the coordinator, Natalie Lin, said we could shoot.


First, the concert by Kinetic was outstanding. They are a conductorless ensemble so collaboration among the players is key.

Second, the vendors at the pop-up shop were friendly and had great products to share. I’m still loving my bourbon granola.

Elgin caught the footage, I interviewed Natalie and we came home to put it all together. Because this event was unplanned that meant we had no storyboard to go by, no shot list and no prepared list of interview questions. But I knew this pop-up had at least three elements or angles that I could spin—the idea of collaboration, pop-ups as a marketing strategy and the elimination of sex-trafficking and we’d use Kinetic to tell the story.

We came home, developed a strategy and Elgin started the editing process.

Below is the final video.


Here are the three ways we used the same content.

  1. For the This Woman Knows brand, we talked about the power of collaboration and how women business owners can expand their reach if they’re willing to collaborate. Collaborative efforts can be beneficial for all and why selecting the right partner is key! The content used here was all about women’s empowerment and how we’re better and stronger together.
  2. The Marketing Stylist™ used the content to talk about pop-ups as part of a successful marketing strategy. Even if you don’t have a physical product, with the right collaboration you can host such an event successfully.
  3. Finally, we used the content here on our blog to show how you can repurpose the same content and with great results. And our impromptu client benefits from all the links and social media mentions.

Take a look at some of the content you’ve already created.

Are there ways that it can be repurposed and tell a different story?

Maybe an infographic can be extrapolated from some of the data. Maybe there’s a short video that could be created to emphasize a point made.

For all we go through to create and provide great content, there are many ways to repurpose and share.

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