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Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1

Does my business have to be a nonprofit in order to work with PrettyWork Creative?

No, you don’t have to be a nonprofit to work with us! Nonprofits usually have great visuals tied to their vision and mission statements. And most times, that makes for great videos. That said, we’re happy to work with organizations and companies that have powerful and compelling stories to tell.


Question #2

What other kinds of videos do you produce?

Great question! We’ve produced commercials, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, and even live events. Need an explainer video? We can do that too.


Question #3

Can PrettyWork Creative help me market my video?

Absolutely! We can help you develop a strategy, create social media content, and even support any live events centered around your video.


Question #4

I’m an executive director and need help crafting a story for a presentation. Can you help?

We certainly can! We are master storytellers! We can help develop your story and prepare the presentation on PowerPoint, Prezi, or any other presentation software you choose.


Question #5

Our organization needs to rebrand, can PrettyWork Creative assist us?

Absolutely! And we can do so centered around the story you’re telling and the audience you’re engaging. We’ve created websites, logos, marketing materials, and social media campaigns for customers with outstanding results.

Have additional questions? Feel free to ask! Use the chat window or send us a message!