Choose How Your Reception-less Office Impacts Your Brand

Receptionists serve a vital function in an office. They’re the first to greet visitors and clients on behalf of your business. They reinforce your brand believe it or not! Receptionists tell people what to do, where to go, what they can expect and make guest feel comfortable in your space. Receptionists can also be expensive!

Many small businesses, however, have office space but don’t have or need a receptionist. The office space acts more as a gathering place for employees. Clients, vendors, suppliers and potential new hires are infrequent so a receptionist isn’t needed. Automated phone systems have virtual receptionists eliminating the need for a physical person to route calls.

But on those off moments when you do have guests visiting your reception-less office, there’s a way to make your guest feel welcome and not wreck your brand.

reception-less office branding

Reception-less offices typically have two chairs in an empty room with some wall art and nothing else. Walking into an empty room can be jarring for first-time visitors to your office. One salesperson told me they’re never quite sure how to navigate these situations. Do you go roaming the halls looking for assistance? Do you stand there and yell hello? You could call but what a weird conversation that would be. “Yes, I’m here standing in an empty lobby.”

Brand Building Ideas for the Reception-less Office

Here are five things the reception-less office can do to enhance their brand and put guests at ease.

  1. Communicate this fact to all first-time guests. Let them know in an email or text ahead of your meeting. This saves the shock of walking into an empty room and questions on what your guest should do next. This is a brand builder!
  2. Use signage or video to welcome guests and inform them of what’s next.
  3. Install a small refrigerator filled with water or mini coffee bar. Create signage that tells guests to help themselves and that someone will be with them shortly.
  4. Have a phone available and ask guests to notify their party of their arrival.
  5. Go high tech and use a tablet or kiosk asking guests to check-in.

Any of these will reinforce that your brand cares about all who walk through your doors and puts your guests at ease.

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