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    Where nonprofits, do-gooders, social causes, and those who find themselves consistently in "good trouble" come to tell their stories.


Nonprofit Video Storytelling

PrettyWork Creative has produced award-winning videos for nonprofits just like yours.

We’ve produced documentaries, organizational videos, and even covered live events.

What makes PrettyWork so effective at what we do?

We listen. We’re experienced. And we understand the elements of a great story and how to bring that story to life.

Marketing and Branding

Having a strategic marketing plan for your video and creating a successful distribution plan is necessary.

And since we’re also savvy marketers, we can assist you in making sure your video gets seen by your target audience and reaches the goals you’ve set.

Our talented team of marketers and creatives can help build out new logos, social media campaigns, and websites, and even create content.

Nonprofit Project Consulting

Nonprofits vary as do budgets.

We understand.

So if you’re not local to our area, or just need help developing a concept, PrettyWork Creative is here to help.

We consult with nonprofits of all sizes and budgets.

Because we believe every organization deserves “pretty work.”

Contact us to schedule your consultation or ask a question.