Shaming and Bullying as a Marketing Strategy?


I couldn’t believe what my eyes were reading.

I had to turn my car around, read it again and then I took the picture.

Bully Marketing?

Online shaming and cyberbullying are malicious acts that unfortunately stay in our news cycles. These actions are practiced by young and old but the results are the same. Real people with real lives are negatively impacted.

So to see fat shaming mixed with a direct blow to ones’ lack of physical attractiveness on the same sign was jarring. The fact that it was a business looking to capitalize on its “miracle” supplements using this method left me feeling nauseous.

I’m certain the sign got a few chuckles, but who would really respond to such a call-to-action?

  • The person the sign just shamed for being fat?
  • Some poor soul with low self-esteem?
  • Or how about the person who is less attractive and has an eating disorder? The last thing they want to be known as is “fat and ugly” so maybe they’d buy their magic potion in a bottle.

This is not how successful businesses connect with their target audience.

It is not.

This is how you alienate potential customers.

Good emotional marketing communicates humor, empathy, and compassion.

This sign does none of the above.

If you need a solid marketing strategy that connects and not repels your target audience, we can help you build one.

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